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Patrick Slavenburg

Bestuurslid Activiteiten

Theoretical Physicist. Digital Native. ENTP.
Patrick currently works as a Digital Strategist with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. He has been asked to provide masterclasses at Neyenrode and to help set up workshops for the MBA program at the University of Bologna, Italy. He privately advises Sr Digital Transformation executives at F2000 companies on (the role of) A.I. and helps companies launch their digital strategy.

Patrick previously worked as Chief Commercial Officer at an online luxury startup in the USA. In the past Patrick also did a 6-year stint for the Netherlands government in Silicon Valley. He discussed taxation and other support to attract Foreign Direct Investment.

In his spare time he is a space travel buff; discovered urban exploring; wants to dive more; watches Netflix & HBO; collects minerals and pre-columbian art; works out and is a foodie.

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